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Everything you need to build a better workplace.
Change the way your business with the best personalized HR assistant and trusted automation powered by AI.

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Smart Search

By automating top funnel tasks, and deliver a smooth process recruiting at scale,
AI assistant take the pressure of human recruiters

Increase efficiency through machine learning and automate test assessment to create a more efficient hiring and selection process

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Find candidate

Sourcing chats


With availability 24/7 to chat about the role presenting, images and insights about the company and role.


Candidate Engagement


Anda will engage each candidate & submit only qualified, interested and available talent to your pipeline.

Job description

Job requirements calibrations


Automatically parses the job description, leverages the knowledge of the domain, to produce a role-specific chat to inform and evaluate your talent pool.

Analyze data

Test and analyze trait data


Anda calibrates the topics she covers in a chat including must-haves, nice-to-haves, related skills, and experiences.


Automated scheduling


Your AI assistant automates the scheduling process providing ongoing updates and reminders, and manages rescheduling and cancellations.

List talent

Qualified and short list talents


Anda identify the talent who is engaged, has confirmed interest, and meets your qualifications for the role.

phone screening

Tests are a powerful way to gauge a candidate's aptitude, fit, and performance potential before they are hired. A candidate's ability is a powerful predictor of their future work performance and how suitable they are for the job.

Each candidate and every job you have Anda work on will have its own reporting to understand the effort and performance on a role, will engage the candidates to provide unique insights and recommendations so you can make informed hiring decisions.

phone screening

Ideal HR

Automate critical administrative tasks and simplify your HR experience,
empower and boost employee satisfaction

Manual tasks
Identify and reduce routine work

Keep employees engaged and increase time to productivity of your employees with Arkris tool as your digital automated assistant

Automate Communication & Coordination

No matter where you work there will always be a few unforeseen inquiers that fall under the responsibility of your HR team. Ensure that all situations are worked seamlessly and efficiently with the assistance of Arkris.

Ideal HR


Guide your employees through all the necessary steps within the first week to streamline your onboarding process

HR administrative tasks

HR administrative tasks

Automating processes through our chatbot, generating time off reports, contracts, updating data, and more


FAQ policies

Arkris automated HR assistant support your employees get fast and accurate inquires


Employee check-ins

Engage all new hires and increase new employee retention rates learn about their health, and gather insights into how to improve their experience

Team work
Improve connectivity accross the organization

#simplify #work Help your employees be the best through automated solution which allow you to have regular communications with them

And more...

Automate critical administrative tasks and simplify your HR experience,
empower and boost employee satisfaction

Fit Your Business Needs

Our features are customizable to suit your company's world of work.

Support Center

We answer you at any questions, get personal support from our experts via phone, email, or live chat.

Customer Training Center

We provide a library of resources and how-tos to reference at anytime or share with your team.


Powered by conversational AI assistant and workflow automation,
Arkris modernizes engagement channels to improve connectivity across the company

Arkris is building a conversational AI assistant, eliminating manual work and streamline administrative processes for HR.

Increase efficiency through customized automated machine learning algorithms which predict with accuracy new hire performance and replace the traditional HR process with a new industry standard of selection.

We make a nice work to solve the ​biggest HR challenges that companies face​ - offers personalized, proactive conversations with HR leaders, managers and employees, these factors combined creating an engaging interaction between employees and the company.

Arkris enhances the HR workers’ capabilities with AI automation and augmentation, encouraging them to take ​faster and more accurate​ decisions based on trusted data.

The best thing is: you are always using the latest technology and the best one.

Our Story

Arkris makes your work more efficient and innovative.
For you, and for your team.

With Arkris you get back the hours which you spent on manual and repetitive work. You can put more focus on strategy, innovation, objectives, and other important things.

Works within the modern HR technology ecosystem which make the difference between a good HR platform and an excellent HR platform.


Our mission is to support the development and digitization of the HR department thus get the ​maximum potential​. With ​our innovative solutions​ we will allow the companies to spend more time with and for their employees.

Arkris’s vision​ is to create a solution where companies are able to build a digital HR team which will spend more time on strategic work to help the company grow and improve, and spend significantly less time on operations.

Our Team

We are an ambitious and diverse team who believe in a world where companies can grow and can change the way of works.
Our experience and passion are helping build a very efficient HR Platform, we hope to impact the future of work where the creativity of the team have the potential to significantly improve HR processes in order to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. From HR to the employees, we believe that trusted data has the power to make us all more strategic, confident and innovative.